10 Ways To Use More Kale

Do you need more kale in your life? This superfood is so versatile and so easy to incorporate into things you already do in the kitchen. Here are 10 ways to use kale to boost your health and immune system!

1. Use it in salads

2. Throw a handful into your favorite soup or stir fry

3. Blend it in smoothies

4. Kale + Pasta= Love

5. Make a huge batch of pesto

6. Use it as a pretty bed for fish or chicken, but eat it too

7. Pair it with bacon and cheese, need we say more?

8. Eat tacos-it's a keto/paleo tortilla!

9. Pair it with quinoa (hot or cold)

10. Put it into your omelet

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Image by Markus Spiske
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